Megan's Memoirs
Megan Moulton-Levy
(Sacramento Capitals)
July 20, 2013

Megan Moulton-Levy is playing her maiden season of Mylan WTT for the Sacramento Capitals

Read about her adventures below

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Megan’s Memoirs #4: The Things Players Do  -- July 20, 2013

Hey everyone,

I am going to let you in on a secret.... all tennis players are crazy, myself included.
I have a terrible case of OCD. My life is centered around water. I start every morning by drinking 1 liter of water. The rest of my day revolves around collecting and lining up the bottles of water that I will imbibe throughout the day.
Moulton-Levy, GovortsovaTaylor has told us that she is very superstitious and can only hit on the south side of our stadium court. Olga Govortsova, who has so graciously filled in for Taylor, is known to pull out a shiny lip gloss or two during the matches. Knowlzee always warms up in a pair of ankle socks and right before the match changes to the white, calf-height Nike socks. The only one of us who might not have some crazy tennis superstition is Sweets. Or he hasn't revealed it yet :)
I am slowly starting to get to know Coach B. He is always gently nudging us to be better people and always encouraging us to reach out and talk to all the wonderful people who make Mylan WTT what it is. From the fans to the managing staff, he wants us to smile, shake hands, and say thank you. After witnessing his even keeled charisma the first few days we played I thought he was always as cool as a cucumber.
However, it was not until we played his boys, the Bryan Bros, that I saw his mean case of the nerves. It really came out during that match. We were on the bench watching the men's doubles and I looked to my right only to see him with his hands clasped doing some sort of strange chest pump with his face all scrunched up. I was slightly puzzled so I asked him what he was doing. With a straight face he replied, "I am just releasing some tension." It has become a running joke that when we are nervous we scrunch up our faces and do the "chest pump."
As of July 20th, we have been on a seven-match losing streak. When you haven't won in a while, you become desperate. You start to pray for every point. We relish every first serve missed by the opposing team. As soon as Coach sees a second serve he will sometimes say, "Give us a double," and my jazz fingers will commence while everyone else is rubbing their knuckles together in hopes of evoking the double fault God. I will tell you, it hasn't worked that many times.
Despite all of us laying it on the line night after night, we are still 3-7. None of us know how it happened and the thought of it makes us sick to our stomachs. As I said in the last blog - the biggest growth comes from the losses. It's time to see what we are made of.

Until next time...


Photo: Rob Vomund 


Megan’s Memoirs #3: All About Attitude  -- July 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

Tennis has a funny way of keeping you honest. Last time I wrote the Caps were riding high with a 3-0 record on the season. Now we are batting .500 with a 3-3 record.

On Friday (7/12), we played the Boston Lobsters at home. All of us went into the match feeling confident...maybe overly so. Mark and I kicked it off with a close win in mixed. Taylor, who had incurred a minor injury from the match before, finished the match with a more severe injury.

After women's singles we were all tied up at 9-9. It was up to Mardy to give a lead, however, during the match he tweaked his groin and called for Ryan Sweeting to step in, down a break, and 3-4 in the set. I must say that is a tough position to be thrown into - down a break with your opponent serving. Ryan handled it like a champ. He stepped in cold but played some courageous tennis. He is kind of my hero. I wish I had the guts to do what he had done. We lost the match 23-19.

I take a team loss much harder than any loss on tour. You are always wondering how could I have done better? How could I have gotten one more game? You think, "If I had just converted those two break points it could have been 23-21 instead of 21-19." "If I could have gotten just one more game would that have boosted the team's moral?"

Coach B has said several times that tennis is not about winning, it is about losing. How do you bounce back after a loss? How good is your short term memory? I could not agree more. Those are two tools that could make or break your career. Moulton-Levy

As a team we have kept a great attitude despite the losses. Post Lobsters loss Coach B, his band, and the Sacramento Soul Sisters went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a jam session in front of the Sac Caps fans and staff. Post Washington Kastles loss we had a dance contest with kids who were in the stands and the Kastles players. After losing to the Texas Wild last night, we signed autographs side by side.

I told you I would give you a little taste of fire and here it goes...

Due to injury we are down two players - Mr. Fish and Miss Townsend but we are hungry for another victory. We will do everything we can to make it happen tonight against the Orange County Breakers.

Until next time...


Photo: Camerawork USA


Megan’s Memoirs #2: Pointer Sisters Revival? -- July 11, 2013


Hi everyone,
Mylan World TeamTennis has taught me a lot in a small amount of time. At WTA tournaments I don't get to see behind the scenes or understand what it really takes to put on an event. However, Mylan WTT has given me the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the preparation and hard work it takes to make each event a success.
Our owner, Deepal Wannakuwatte, and his family Betsy, Sarah, and Daniel, general manager, Kolleen McNamee, Coach Bryan and honorary coach, Joe, and many more people put their heart and soul into this team and they do it with such grace, kindness and a BIG smile :) They have been like a family to us, which is always nice when you're on the road for 35 weeks out of the year!
CapitalsI'm sure you're wondering about our match on Wednesday night, especially since that bumped our stats up to 3-0! Go Caps! Mardy came out with a vengeance last night and played some amazing tennis. Part of the credit can be given to Coach Bryan because he was going to make Mardy buy us all dinner if he lost :) How's that for motivation??
Taylor was also on "fire" Wednesday night (yes, there is some significance to fire that I will fill you in on later). No one knew how to handle her big serve or heavy ground strokes. She helped our team get a mixed doubles and women's singles victories. That girl has some serious talent. Period.
Mr. Mark Knowles (a.k.a Knowlzee) was his reliable self and came up with victories in mixed and men's doubles. We can always count on our captain :)
And how could I ever forget Ryan?! We would not be 3-0 without his signature towel slaps. I'm thinking the fans may start to join us soon and before you know it we will have hundreds of towels waving in the air after one of us hits a great shot. Sounds pretty awesome to me!
Not only has our team been on "fire" these last three matches but on Friday night Taylor, Taylor's mom, and I will be firing it up on stage. We have been given the task of performing "Fire" by the Pointer Sisters at our post-match party tomorrow. I will be singing and dancing to a song that I had never heard of until Tuesday.
But Coach Bryan is determined to make us into an overnight sensation...or at least to not completely embarrass ourselves on stage :) He had us practice the song 4 times in the car on our way to the match yesterday. He was even teaching us how to harmonize! We only have one more day to prepare for our debut moment.
I will definitely let you know how it goes.
Until next time....
Photo: Rob Vomund 


Megan’s Memoirs #1: Sacramento Soul Sisters -- July 9, 2013

I've been asked many times over the past few days if Mylan World TeamTennis is anything like I expected it to be. My answer is yes and no.
Our first two matches were a battle and much more competitive than I thought it would be. I assumed that my experience on teams would be more of a relaxed atmosphere but I could not have been more wrong. It is also more of a grind then most people probably think. We play late (until about 10:30 pm) and wake up early for practice.
Although I see the other WTA players week in and week out, Mylan WTT just has a different feel to it. Every team has the same goal - to win the title. Before the match, we all give each other hugs and chit chat, but once we step out on the court, it’s show time!
I have to say that I've really enjoyed being part of a team and having everyone's support on the sideline. It kind of reminds me of my college days at William & Mary, when I wasn't just playing for myself but also for my team. It motivates me to perform better when I know there are other people counting on me to do my part.
Mylan WTT has also given me the chance to get to know some of the men's players. Mardy, Mark and Ryan are awesome, to say the least, and I especially love their towel slaps on the sidelines whenever someone on our team hits a great shot. It lightens the mood and serves as a reminder that we should also be having fun out there.
This is my first time playing mixed and I love it! My partner, Mark, is obviously great to play with. Mixed is a much faster pace than women's doubles, which is why I enjoy it so much. I feel less nervous because there is not as much time to think about your next just have to go for it.
And I can't forget Taylor and Nicole, who have been vital, critical, AND essential to our first two wins of the season. They tore it up during their singles matches. I believe there were a lot of towel slaps by the boys during their sets :)
And Taylor, even with her being so young, was calming me down on court when I was acting like a frazzled mess during our doubles match last night against Philadelphia! I am very excited to play with her for the next three weeks.
Wayne even gave us our very own nickname, the "Sacramento Soul Sisters". And that's exactly what we are going to do - bring a little soul to each match :)
Until next time.....

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