33:  Patrick McEnroe
(Idaho Sneakers 1998; Deleware Smash 1999; New York Hamptons 2000-2002; New York Sportimes 2003)

In terms of World TeamTennis, Patrick McEnroe has seen and done it all. He played for six consecutive seasons in four different franchises, helped found the New York Hamptons (which became New York Sportimes in 2003), performed double duty as a player and as a coach for the New York Hamptons in 2002, and recruited top junior tennis players to create the first all-junior WTT team for the New York Buzz in 2009.

Multitasking seems to be second nature for the WTT crowd favorite; in 2000, he managed to help create a new WTT franchise, play on the new team, and assume leadership of the U.S. Davis Cup team. McEnroe’s commitment to the concept of team tennis is further evidenced by his continued leadership of the U.S. Davis Cup team and his longstanding commitment to WTT. To this day, McEnroe remains active in World TeamTennis as a minority owner of the New York Sportimes.

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