Mylan WTT Firsts & Innovations

Since its inception in the early 70s, Mylan WTT has been an innovator in the sports world. Many of Mylan WTT’s novel rules have been designed to make the game a “fan-friendly” sport and are finally starting to be recognized and adopted by others in the industry.

The fan experience at a Mylan WTT match is simply not like anything you’ve ever seen on a tennis court. It’s loud, exciting, and innovative. Mylan WTT is all about the fans – it’s a little bit rock n’ roll and a whole lot of fun.
With a fascinating history of firsts, in novations and an emphasis on gender equity, Mylan World TeamTennis stands out among all professional sports leagues. Here are a few of the reasons why:
Mylan World TeamTennis – A League of Firsts & Innovations

  • Professional sports league where men and women have equal roles.
  • All matches are played on multi-colored courts.

  • Professional tennis competition to regularly feature no-ad scoring – first one to four points wins the game.
  • Sets are played to five games (nine-point tiebreak played at 4-4).
  • Let serves are played out.

  • Features on-court coaching.
  • Substitutions are allowed during a match.

  • Matches have half-times, Overtime and Supertiebreakers.   Invented the use of Supertiebreaker and Overtime in tennis.

  • Use of instant replay technology in 2005 with the Coaches Challenge.

  • Became one of the first pro sports league to go green in 2008. 

  • Mylan WTT encourages fan participation. Crowds are encouraged to be vocal about great play and are allowed to enter/exit the stadium during play without having to wait for a changeover. Between games, music is played or a DJ fires up the crowd.
  • Tennis fans are allowed to keep balls hit out of play.
  • Player names on the back of shirts.

 Photos: Fred & Susan Mullane/Camerawork USA 






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