Play in a Corporate League

  • Opportunity to play with CoWorkers and Friends!
  • Compete with Other Local Companies!
  • Co-ed Team Play!
  • All Ability Levels Welcome!
  • Raise Company Morale and Lower Health Care Costs!
  • Opportunity to Advance to Mylan WTT National Qualifiers!
  • Special Discounts on Tickets to Professional Mylan WTT and ATP/WTA Tennis Matches!
  • Mylan WTT Newsletter, Point of Contact!
  • Discounts on Clothing!
  • Discounts for Rental Cars and Hotels!
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What is Mylan World TeamTennis?

Mylan WTT Recreational Leagues run year-round at public parks, tennis clubs, schools, college campuses, military bases, corporations, camps, residential communities and tennis facilities in more than 1,000 U.S. Cities. The fun, fast-paced format features co-ed teams competing in six sets—men’s and women’s doubles, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles. Every game counts toward the team's final score!

The unique WTT format, which is also played by the pros in Mylan WTT, includes no-ad scoring, substitution and coaching.
Check out all the Mylan WTT Leagues by City
If you are interested in joining a league, or want to view information for particular city's Mylan WTT league, click here to see the whole list!

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