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Mylan World TeamTennis is pleased to partner with the United States Tennis Association for the USTA Tennis on Campus program.  Each year, there are 17 USTA Tennis on Campus Championships in which over 700 college club tennis teams compete against each other for the right to represent their section at the USTA Tennis on Campus National Championship.  In the USTA Tennis on Campus National Championship, the pinnacle of the USTA Tennis On Campus program, 64 college club tennis teams compete for the illustrious title of National Champion.
All of these exciting events utilize the WTT format: co-ed teams with a minimum of four players (2 men and 2 women) who compete in men’s and women’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles.  The format also features no-ad scoring, substitutions, and coaching.

2017 Champions - University of Michigan

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USTA Tennis On Campus Program


USTA Tennis on Campus National Championship


USTA Tennis  on Campus Section Championships 


2017 - University of Michigan 

2016  -  Auburn University 

2015  -  University of California - Berkeley 

2014  -  University of California - Berkeley 

2013  -  University of Georgia

2012  -  University of California - Berkeley 

2011  –  University of California, Los Angeles 

 –  University of California - Berkeley
2009 –  Duke University

2008  –  University of Texas – Austin

2006 – Texas A&M University

2005 – Texas A&M University

2004 – Texas A&M University

2003 – University of Florida

2002 – Texas A&M University

2001 – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill


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