Mylan Aces

The team with the most aces each night of the Mylan WTT season will receive $1,000.00 toward a local charity of the team's choice as part of the Mylan Aces program. If there is a tie, the award will be split accordingly.

Date Team Number Of Aces Charity Selected
July 16 San Diego Aviators 6 Youth Tennis San Diego
July 17 Orange County Breakers 8 Harper For Kids
July 18 Washington Kastles 14 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
July 19 Washington Kastles 9 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
July 20 Philadelphia Freedoms 12 AmerisourceBergen Foundation
July 21 San Diego Aviators 11 Youth Tennis San Diego
July 22 New York Empire 12 City Parks Foundation NYC
July 23 NY Empire & Orange County Breakers 10 City Parks Foundation NYC & Harper For Kids
July 24 Washington Kastles 8 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
July 25 Washington Kastles 17 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
July 26 Springfield Lasers & Washington Kastles 6 See below...
July 27 San Diego Aviators 10 Youth Tennis San Diego
July 28 New York Empire 10 City Parks Foundation NYC
July 29 San Diego Aviators 10 Youth Tennis San Diego
July 30 New York Empire 16 City Parks Foundation NYC
July 31 Orange County Breakers 13 Harper For Kids
August 1 Washington Kastles 9 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
August 2 San Diego Aviators 12 Youth Tennis San Diego

Washington Kastles

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington’s (BGCGW) 14 sites—covering a territory of 75 miles that stretches from Manassas to Germantown—serve as safe havens for their members. The clubs are open when schools are not, and provide a safe, comfortable, and fun alternative to youth who would otherwise be home alone or on the street. Over 1,200 youth attend the Clubs for activities every day, to see their friends, and to spend time with positive and encouraging adults. Clubs are open after school on weekdays. Some have Saturday hours, and many offer full days during school holidays and summers. Clubs welcome every child, adolescent, or teenager for a nominal annual membership fee, but will not turn any child away for inability to pay.

Philadelphia Freedoms

AmerisourceBergen Foundation – presenting sponsor charity

Established in 2014, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation makes charitable grants to fund programs and organizations that focus on health-related causes and educational opportunities to enrich the lives of members of the global community.

Springfield Lasers

Park Board Scholarship Program

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board Scholarship program is available for those who meet income guidelines, intended to assist those who could not otherwise pay for program fees. Scholarship amounts are limited and may not be available at all during certain times of the year.

Orange County Breakers

"Harper for Kids"

Harper for Kids is a youth character development program based upon legendary Coach John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” their mission is to teach youth essential character traits that can help them achieve their personal best in life. Harper for Kids helps K-12 schools incorporate the “Pyramid of Success” into their character education to cultivate, inspire and nurture healthy character development that will help their students be successful in all areas of their lives.

San Diego Aviators

Youth Tennis San Diego

Youth Tennis San Diego is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to promote the educational, physical, and social development of all youth through organized tennis and educational activities. Their community programs encourage youth participation, personal integrity, leadership, and competitive spirit in a friendly environment that builds responsible citizens. Youth Tennis San Diego owns and operates the Barnes Tennis Center.

New York Empire

City Parks Foundation NYC

City Parks Foundation (CPF) is the only independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer programs in public parks throughout the five boroughs of New York City. At CPF, they are dedicated to invigorating and transforming parks into dynamic, vibrant centers of urban life through sports, arts, community development, and education programs for all New Yorkers. Their programs and community building initiatives -- located in more than 350 parks, recreation centers, and public schools across New York City -- reach 425,000 people each year. Their ethos is simple: “we believe thriving parks reflect thriving communities.”